Equipment transfer airlocks

Hospital and clinical pharmacies – Laboratories – Research institutes – Industry – Life sciences

Manufacturer of customised isolation technology solutions, JCE BIOTECHNOLOGY offers a wide range of equipment to ensure the transfer of all types of product, to ensure the prevention of all risks of cross-contamination between controlled atmosphere zones, and protect personnel.



Equipment enabling the transfer of material, products, trolley, pass-through hatch and ensuring the prevention of all risks of cross-contamination, and the protection of personnel for laboratory, pharmaceutical industry, life sciences, hospital and research institute applications.


– Tailored configurations, materials and dimensions: please ask for more information
– Bio-decontamination systems using a sterilising agent H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide) or PPA (Peracetic Acid). Bio-decontamination of 6 log of Geobacillus Starothermophilus ATCC 7953 for H2O2 or Bacillus Atropheus ATCC 9372 for PPA.
– Positive or negative pressure ventilation
– HEPA or ULPA filtration
– Interlock access doors
– Traceability of operating data
– Compliant with GMP/GAMP/21 CFR Part 11 /ISO 10648-1 standards
– 316L stainless steel or PMMA materials
– Hinged door
– Bio-decontamination system using a sterilising agent: H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) or PAA (Peracetic Acid)